A Dog Called Billy.

So I am adopted, but my grandmother used to have a this dog called Billy. I loved him. I loved her. I drew Billy when I was eleven. When I was eighteen went to university and we lost touch. Maybe because I am adopted. Yet I found my old sketchbook recently because I moved house.Continue reading “A Dog Called Billy.”

Hey Wanna See Some Art.

So these are the peice I’ve managed do in free time from packing to move. But firstly I want to thank you all for reading and following my blog 😊 so thank you!!! 😊 They are all digital becuase I’ve packed all my art stuff 😭 but I’m getting better at digital art 🎨 HereContinue reading “Hey Wanna See Some Art.”

A Dream

Odilon Redon, “Red Boat” I dream of water–tiny sea-tongues lick and spray the rocks,and purple shadows prance;a sparkle-dance, in blue expanse,the gulls’ wings in white flutter. From a red boat,the laughter floats,turns clouds to golden-yellow flowers. And if the wind whispers,what do you want?I’d say all this–and a thousand pink-petalled springs,the light of peace,and you.Continue reading “A Dream”

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