A Dog Called Billy.

So I am adopted, but my grandmother used to have a this dog called Billy. I loved him. I loved her. I drew Billy when I was eleven. When I was eighteen went to university and we lost touch. Maybe because I am adopted. Yet I found my old sketchbook recently because I moved house.Continue reading “A Dog Called Billy.”

So I started digital art in September this is my journey. Into the unknown…

I’m still very much a amateur when it comes to digital art but I’m giving it my best shot. This is a comparison of my digital art when I first started to now. This was my first digital portrait. The first ever digital art piece I had created I didn’t really understand the medium butContinue reading “So I started digital art in September this is my journey. Into the unknown…”

A Painting Tutorial

You are talented. You have the abilities. So… you want to get started. What do you need? A pencil. HB will do. Some watercolour paint 🎨 : if your a beginner I would recommend at least a student grade set. I wouldn’t recommend the red tin poster paints you used at school. An eraser. AContinue reading “A Painting Tutorial”


Art is amplified when it is displayed correctly. I could put my art on a fridge magnet. Thus it would be viewed differently from the art works that have been curated. To put it simply. Doesn’t my art look fabulous framed. Also I bet you are wondering about that fridge magnet. Well it’s here too!Continue reading “A FRAMED COLLECTION.”